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Did President Trump suggest that the high-profile “second wave” of COVID-19 was in fact a hoax?

A critic for Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (R) highlighted on Twitter a photo released by media showing a healthcare worker in a parking lot taking a selfie in front of a row of folded beds wrapped in plastic.

“Here is the fake photo of the Nevada Parking Lot Hospital that our dumb governor tweeted, proving it’s a scam.” No patients, folded beds, packed equipment that has never been used! They spent millions on this scam and never saw a single patient in this fake hospital! said.

Trump retweeted this tweet and added: “False election results in Nevada too!”

Sisolak had retweeted the photo on Monday thanking first responders.

The man in the selfie, Dr Jacob Keeperman, claimed he was in the COVID-19 intensive care unit at Renown Medical Center in Reno where he had witnessed 5 deaths “in the past 32 hours “.

Another doctor told media they are putting more beds in the parking lot in case they reach capacity.

“If we continue to have an increase in the number of patients with COVID-19, we are going to run out of hospital beds and people to care for the sick,” said Dr Deborah Kuhls.

A ABC affiliate report covering this second wave of “surge” shows dozens of empty hospital beds seemingly ready for more patients.

Picture of Renown’s parking garage with dozens of empty beds (KTNV-Las Vegas)

This comes as a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center whistleblower revealed to Infowars that the Covid “second wave” surge is largely a hoax to drive the public into submitting into another lockdown.

Remember, the medical vessels Comfort and Mercy were deployed to New York City and Los Angeles in March – the height of the pandemic – to assist supposedly “overwhelmed” hospitals.

But after several weeks, Comfort left New York City after treating 182 patients, 70% of whom had COVID-19.

Mercy departed Los Angeles after treating 77 patients in less than two months.

And during the initial outbreak of the pandemic last spring, numerous videos recorded by concerned showed several reportedly “overrun” hospitals were actually practically empty!

Is Trump breaking the COVID conditioning?

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David Icke explains how globalists are plotting another devastating lockdown by sparking a so-called second wave of COVID.

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