Did the cops catch the right killer during the home invasion of biology professor James Miller?

One in October 2011, an unnamed killer invaded the Indiana home of a beloved professor and his wife and brutally attacked them as they waited for their teenage children to return home after a fanfare.

James Miller, a 58-year-old biology professor at Goshen College, has died from blunt wounds and stab wounds after running to his wife’s rescue. Linda Miller, who was stabbed 23 times as she prepared for bed, survived the assault.

But police did not name a suspect until 2018, when they arrested Winston Earl Corbett, who was 16 at the time of James’ murder.

Now Corbett is on trial for murder and attempted murder, but the motive for the disturbing incident and how Corbett knew the Millers remain uncertain. A probable cause affidavit detailing the case has been filed under seal and prosecutors declined to provide details ahead of this week’s trial in Elkhart County Circuit Court.

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