Discover new types of tea with this subscription box

I used to spend too much time standing in the tea aisle looking at the shelves. Did I want a ‘berry good time’ or an English breakfast mix that claimed to be packed by the Queen of England’s second cousin? Fortunately, I found Sips by, a subscription tea box that metaphorically stands in the aisles for me and delivers four samples per month based on what I like. Receiving a monthly box of hand-picked tea definitely beats the angst of worrying if I’m standing in someone’s way while I stare at a wall of colorful boxes.

Each box is curated based on a quick quiz and wrapped up by a real person, not an algorithm that forgets your aversion to caffeine or dislike of mint. Allergies, dietary restrictions, flavor preferences, caffeine levels, and brewing style are all taken into account, so your next cup of tea is perfect without you having to browse through a bunch of tea sites. just to find an infusion that doesn’t interact with your SSRIs.

The box allowed me to try a wide variety of brands and flavors, with about four beers of each sample. I can then evaluate them from my Sips per page. I can also write an overall review of the box I received so the packers know if they got it right or not (mixed caffeine levels and no floral teas for me). Each future box that I will receive takes into account my old evaluations to make sure I don’t miss out.

Receiving one Sips per box each month is like receiving a package from a close friend who knows your love for citrus fruits and your intense craving for caffeine. The box adapts and improves every time, and also lets you explore brands and flavors you wouldn’t find in the grocery store. My last box included Tea Kitten’s PiƱa Colada Karma, Yogi’s Green Tea Passion Fruit Matcha, Evergreen Chai’s Sweet Fennel Chai, and August Uncommon’s Low Country. The latter was a black tea with notes of burnt sugar and bourbon, which reminded me of the cool southern autumn nights.

Sips By costs $ 15 per month for four tea samples and includes free shipping. You can also buy a gift card for your loved ones so that they can experience the adventurous tea box themselves.

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