Disgraced Michigan official who threatened ‘Trumpers’ says Biden ‘owes’ him for putting ‘life on the line’ in secular speech – Dateway

Michigan State Representative Cynthia Johnson, who suffered a backlash and was dismissed from her committee post after threatening Trump voters in a viral video, appeared to show no remorse for her remarks and said dubbed in a secular rant that aired live this week.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m not worried, I’m not going underground, I’m not changing my fucking phone number, I’m not doing any of that!” Johnson yelled into his phone’s camera. “But we’re going to change some bullshit that’s going on in the city of Detroit. Things that have happened to our people, in our communities.

“Oh yes, the Biden and Harris administration owes the city of Detroit,” Johnson said. “Mhm. Oh yes. I’m putting my life on the line not just for the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the city of Detroit. I put my life on the line for justice, for democracy. “

YouTube defiantly threatens to purge all videos that talk about electoral fraud. GOP still does nothing and only talks about anti-trust. This is NOT the biggest problem here.

Johnson added that she “never called anyone by his name” unless he was “dumb”, before adding: “We don’t need to make threats, all we have to do is use your own words and use your own voicemail messages and use your own videos, use your own s ** t. “

The legislator then seemed to contradict himself in the following sentence by declaring: “It will not be your words, it will be the words of hate, it will be the words of hate. And then the whole world can see.

Johnson was stripped of her committee positions on Wednesday after her threatening remarks against the “Trumpers” went viral, as National File reports:

Johnson, 62, was dismissed from her post as Democrat atop the Michigan House Oversight Committee, as well as her seats on the Agriculture Committee and the Families, Children and Seniors Committee Wednesday after- noon by Republican House leaders.

“Representative. Johnson has been removed from his position on the committee, and we are considering further disciplinary action as the relevant authorities conduct their own investigations,” said a statement from the House leadership, adding that threats from Johnson were “not fit for a chosen one.”

Johnson had warned “you Trumpers” to “be careful” and “walk lightly” because “we are not playing with you.” She encouraged her followers to “hit your ass” before sleeping with the statement “in the wallet”, and issued vague orders “for those of you who are soldiers: you know how to do it. Do it well. Be in order. Make them pay. “

Johnson has since taken to Facebook to call himself one of the “victims” of the situation and insinuate that parliamentary leaders were racist for deciding to “punish a black woman’s response.”

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