DISSENT IS NOT PERMITTED: Twitter will no longer allow any questioning of a fraudulent election … Update: Twitter says tough election

You are no longer allowed to question the diet.

The questioning of the fraudulent election will not be tolerated.
What if Pennsylvania had 200,000 more votes than the voters?

You are not allowed to question the results.
Dissent is not allowed.

Twitter bans tweets implicating voter fraud.

TREND: Texas lawmakers consider secession over life under Democratic Marxism – Several states interested in movement (video)

Twitter granted a 12-hour suspension for questioning the stolen election.

Only Marxist Democrats are allowed to question an election.

UPDATE: Twitter claims that contesting the election leads to violence.

Unless, of course, you contest the 2016 election!

This is what tyranny looks like.

Rhode Island is on a COVID death spiral, so why did Biden hire Governor Raimondo?

Too many Capitol cops dead for Josh Hawley to pretend he’s innocent