Divine & Cosmos: Do we and extraterrestrials have a common approach to existence?

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Secrets of the cosmos, still unexplored:

As humans, we have always wondered about the coexistence of another life, just like this planet, covering the entire cosmos and the universe. There are cultures on Earth where the cosmos is also responsible for explaining the religious and spiritual values ​​in our life. Does the Divine or God that we all believe in the forms of various religions (existing on this planet) actually co-relate with different lives on different other planets in the universe? Do aliens also have the same logic and perspective of having this belief system and the instincts of humans? Is God a universal concept for all lives throughout the cosmos? Do these other life forms also look at higher powers like we do? compared to extraterrestrials?

Our basic instincts tell us the reason for everything that exists on this planet. Based on science, we have also explored and defined the scientific logic of everything. There has been scientific research done by psychologists to understand human nature and its response in defining the reasons for everything around us. The way we look around for answers is on purpose. The way everything was created on this planet must have been created from a divine spirit that wants us to seek purpose and meaning in it. Human minds seek an explanation based on a purpose. There has been research on non-human creatures on Earth that may also hold the secrets of the universe. Research indicates that the way their minds work could surpass human intelligence as well. Creatures like elephants, dolphins have been studied and their psychological responses to stimuli around them indicate that they have a reflective mind, just like humans. Some say that these creatures are intentionally linked with spiritual beliefs so that one day man can decode these secrets and further evolve his mind to understand the entire cosmos.

Some say we live in today’s expanding universe at a certain point of light and on the basis of dimensions with “Space” and “Time” being the major dimensions that define the probability of our existence and d other existences on the universe starting from the ZERO Point (Big-Bang). All these billions of years of this Transcendence are what created different lives in the Cosmos, Earth being one of them.

Spiritual relationship with the cosmos:

In Hindu mythology, which is one of the oldest religions in the world. There are certain beliefs about the Supreme God “Shiva”, the first Yogi and the first Being who imparted his knowledge to the successors who quite define the human race. There are beliefs about forms of “Shiva” like “Maha kala” and “Kala Bhairav” which played important roles in ancient civilizations. There was a time when “gods” and “demons” existed together centuries ago. And to keep the peace “Shiva”, the ultimate god reincarnated in forms like “Kala Bhairav”, “Maha kal” to eradicate the sins of “Demons”. “Kala” here means “Time”, and this avatar was such that it had no importance for the “Time” dimension. Let’s just say that this avatar was free from the control of “time”. It was one of the rare forms of “Mahadev (Shiva)”, likewise he took many forms at certain times of Earth’s evolution, being the ultimate “creator” and “ultimate God” of beings.

Likewise, there are other religions and gods in different regions of our planet. Each religion has its own history but the same belief. In German mythology, “God of thunder” is treated as the “God of lightning”. Whenever there is lightning in the sky due to the rainy climate, it is believed to be related to the “God of Thunder”. They say people can find every aspect of this world just in a holy “Bible” book. This is what Christians believe.
On the other hand, the aspect that has been developed by humans, ie “Science”, gives its own logic to everything based on experiments, research, technology. Quantum physics is so progressively advanced that it attempts to explain the reason for the entire universe. If we reject the spiritual belief of lightning, we have proof that lightning in the sky is only an “ionization of air molecules” based on this scientific belief. Every aspect of God and religion is also in a way that a believer will find purpose in every creation that God has made. But does that mean that we humans have been trained to be curious about the explanations of the different things around us? Those religions which provide substantial “will” and “self-control” to believe in these explanations certainly indicate a common approach that humans have towards existence.
Likewise, if we extend this approach further to all other lifetimes across the Cosmos, we raise our level of curiosity to the one universal belief, namely: “Do aliens like us also have a common belief in their existence? ? Is their mind wired by God in such a way that they are as curious as we are? Is the concept of GOD universal in nature? Are aliens looking for us the same way we seek them? And s ‘they already discovered it to us ??
These are some of the mystical questions that come to everyone’s mind and unfortunately we don’t have many answers yet.

Last word:

As humans, we definitely improve ourselves to understand the secrets of the entire cosmos. Terms like black hole, wormhole, time travel, anti-gravity mass, parallel dimensions, parallel existence, interstellar travel have both been fictitious and scientifically / mathematically substantiated by equations and concepts. What if we have our own possibility in another dimension, but with a different probability? Does this mean that the aliens we are talking about are actually a replica of us existing in another dimension of the universe / cosmos?

Black hole We understand that the string theory probabilities come from the largest event in the universe i.e.BIG-BANG, but is it possible that there is a mirror image of the same Big- Bang (when the universe was “ tiny ”) with the opposite dimensions ?? Does time travel backwards in this mirror image? Worm Holes certainly sparked our curiosity to discover the perspective of time travel. Does this time travel combined with space travel make us the ultimate bearer of the secrets of the universe? Or are they more secrets of the universe than we could ever imagine at this point in human civilization? What if we were the most advanced civilization ever to exist in the cosmos ??

If these questions are somewhat relatable to understand, how can we as humans justify the existence of gods for every civilization on Cosmos?

Is there a common God for the whole Cosmos? Can we break the Space / Time barrier for everything that exists today ?? The human mind is certainly evolving and moving forward, to find the answers to these greatest curiosities and secrets of the universe.

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