Do Lady Gaga-themed Oreos contain pedophile symbolism? – Dateway

Internet researchers wonder if the limited edition Oreos dedicated to pop star Lady Gaga contain hidden pedophile symbolism.

After the Gaga-based sandwich cookies Chromatica The album hit stores late last year, people started noticing that a plaque featured a small heart inside a larger heart design, a symbol designated by the FBI as a secret code used by pedophiles.

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“The GirlLover (Glogo) logo… is a small heart surrounded by a larger heart, which symbolizes a relationship between an adult man or and an underage girl,” reads an FBI intelligence bulletin published by Wikileaks , showing a pink version of the symbol.

“To specifically indicate the sexual preference of the pedophile, members of pedophile organizations encourage the use of descriptions such as ‘boylove’, ‘girllove’ and ‘childlove’,” reads the application’s sensitive note. law. “These symbols were carved into rings and formed into pendants, and were also found imprinted on coins.”

Read the FBI bulletin:

The Gaga themed cookies made by Nabisco come packaged in a hot pink packaging and are pink in color, containing a green cream filling reminiscent of toxic sludge.

The color pink is a beacon for little girls and pedophiles, as shown in a WFLA report which uncovered toys intended for little girls containing hidden pedophile marks.

A mom took her two-year-old daughter to a Monster Truck show and returned with a memory that puts kids at risk. The symbols on the toy are a secret code used by pedophiles.


But when she got answers, she almost threw up. The memory of her little one held an unhealthy secret. Monster Jam toy contains symbol, creepy disgusting business card. It’s a code for pedophiles.

“It’s pink, it’s for little girls, especially at a male-dominated event.”


When a pedophile sees children with the heart symbol, it is a code that means that child is ready to be traded for sex.

The symbol affixed to the Oreos was enough to spark outrage on social and alternative media.

Entertainment site wondered if the symbol could be coincidence or evidence of sinister intentions.

“If they are really the same symbols, maybe Lady Gaga is not even aware of them”, writes the editor of the site. “However, given the weird stories that have happened of abused children in Hollywood over the years, she might also be fully aware and chose to promote the symbols on purpose.

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