Do not let any more actors be “boyega” by racist abuses

John Boyega spent years dealing with racist trolls as he filmed the last Star wars trilogy – so it’s no surprise he’s not done talking about it yet.

John Boyega’s face became fans’ first introduction to the new trilogy when the force awakens launched its first trailer in fall 2014 and opened up about his character – a rogue Stormtrooper named Finn. Although millions of fans were delighted, racist trolls appeared early on and relentlessly harassed the British actor in the years that followed.

Talk with Variety and The Hollywood Reporter This week, Boyega revealed he spoke with Disney and explained how he thinks the studio could better support artists of color – and he’s also looking forward to speaking with other executives.

“When one of your actors, especially such a big player in the story, is advertised as part of your franchise and then gets a big racial backlash and receives abuse online and it starts to form a kind of shadow. on what is supposed to be an amazing giveaway, it’s important for the studios to definitely lend their voices, support that and have a sense of solidarity not just in the eyes of the public, but on the ground on the ground. plateau, ”said Boyega Variety, as first reported by IndieWire.

Boyega was frank about his experience in the Star wars universe for years. He has spoken in several interviews about how his character – initially marketed as a marquee player – has shrunk The Last Jedi and The rise of Skywalker, while Disney and Lucasfilm have remained moms despite the racist harassment he faced.

In September, Boyega was particularly outspoken in an interview with British GQ—in which he told the magazine that Star wars writers knew “fuck it all” about how to write colored characters like Finn and Rose Tico. (Kelly Marie Tran, who played the courageous housekeeper, also faced revolting racist and sexist reactions from toxic “fans” after The Last Jedi released.) “What they want you to say is, ‘I loved being a part of it. It was a great experience … ”said Boyega GQ. “No no no. I will accept this deal when it is a great experience. “

The interview went viral – and soon enough, as Boyega put it The Hollywood Reporter this week, Disney wanted to talk.

“It was a very honest and very transparent conversation,” the actor said. THR. “There was a lot of explanation from their side of how they looked at it. They also gave me the opportunity to explain what my experience was like. I hope that being so open with my career at this point would help the next man, the one who wants to be the DOP assistant, the one who wants to be a producer. Hope the conversation isn’t taboo or elephant in the room now, because someone just said so.

Talk with VarietyBoyega added, “These are honest conversations I have had with the powers that aim to have more awareness … The next time you put someone in this position, bring them through the process, he needs that support. They can’t get Boyega’d.

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