DOD in charge: here are the players, commanders, leaders and people to watch

Donald J. Trump vowed to reform and restructure the U.S. government in 2018 and many people have been at war with him since then. The reforms and changes in Trump’s Department of Defense (DOD) can be somewhat confusing for Americans while watching the events unfolding around the nation’s Capitol for the planned inauguration, especially with the great military build-up.

Biden wants the Homeland Security Department to be in charge:

But that will not happen:


“Among the latest acts of the acting Secretary of Homeland Security was an order on Monday to beef up security on DC’s inauguration day almost a week earlier than expected. And less than a week after a deadly attack on the US Capitol, the building had already begun to take a high-security position, ”Zenger News reported on Tuesday.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad F. Wolf said in a statement Monday that the show of force, intended to deter future violence, would increase dramatically – and soon.

There was the “transfer”. Wolf has resigned, but who is responsible? Not the Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Defense is expected to have a growing presence in the minds of Americans as they watch the events unfold around the inauguration:

Reports have circulated on social of an increased military presence on the streets of Washington DC, with the Army National Guard, and with it concerns over who is the of contact, the commander, the center of communication for the days to come, who expect to see violence.

“National Guardsmen and women patrolled the area, protected by a 7-foot fence that Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy called ‘non-scalable.’ Guard troops appeared unarmed, but US Capitol Police were standing guard with powerful rifles at key entry points – including rioters’ forced gates last Wednesday, ”Zenger reported.

The Left and its allies say the strengthening of the military is due to “violent and armed Trump supporters” who are expected to storm the city, with reason to believe that this is actually true, but stem of an event at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6

The DOJ announced this week, in a video, that it had opened more than 170 criminal cases related to the January 6 protests on Capitol Hill. Acting US District Attorney Michael R. Sherwin said these cases would develop “geometrically,” suggesting a broad trail. The charges range from trespassing to seditious conspiracy and criminal murder, Sherwin said at the press conference.

Sherwin had also opened a case of excessive force against the man who pissed off a dead woman on Capitol Hill, but the Department of Justice is also not in charge of the military on Capitol Hill.

As of Wednesday, there was already little dust with law enforcement and a few groups of leftist protesters and DC police, without any pro-Trump groups or protesters:

The mayor of DC is known for her encouragement to leftist groups protesting violently in the city and intimidating police and citizens. A lot of people wonder if she’s in charge of the National Gaurd in DC. No she is not.

It is not known what his role will be in the coming days on law enforcement with the strengthening of the army:

Asserting herself, far-left radical Democrat Muriel Bowers has confused the public with a number of her own executive actions, confusing people about who is in charge of law enforcement on the U.S. Capitol and how the uprisings will be. managed.

“I have instructed the US Secret Service to begin operations of the Special National Security Event for the 2021 Inauguration as of Wednesday January 13 instead of January 19 and on the recommendation of Director of Secret Service James Murray, I have asked the US Secret Service to begin National Special Security Operations for the 2021 Inauguration effective Wednesday January 13 instead of January 19, “Bower told Wolf, who resigned, on Twitter, apparently attempting to cloud the waters on the chain of command.

Bowser writes to Wolf, but Wolf is gone and the National Guard is not under his control.

A local reporter posted about the new and strong ‘law and order’ presence on the streets of DC, showing who will be in charge of the street activists, and it doesn’t appear to be Bowser:

The DC subway police have promoted Robert Glover to commanding officer, and he is not liked by activists.

So who is in charge of the National Guard in Washington?

Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller is in charge. In the following recent video, Miller is seen walking among the troops giving them service pieces as a moral boost.

Curioulsy, the US Chiefs of Staff wrote a letter and asserted their dominance in decision making, and it is unclear what role they will play, if any, they are not in charge of the National Gaurd in DC :

The Chiefs wrote in the letter that the Jan.6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was an attack on the constitutional process. They said in the memo that service members take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and .”

John Solomon, for Just The News, reported on the memo and said it was not well received by a Marine Coprs sergeant:

“We don’t know why this happened,” an assistant to a duty secretary told Just the News. “We are a highly skilled professional force. There is no need to remind them of the basics. “

“We already know this stuff,” said a Marine Corps sergeant. “People in my unit were like, this must be a joke. If it’s not a joke, it’s an insult.

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