Does Dianne Feinstein have Alzheimer’s disease? Senator, 87, calls for re-election as internet says ‘step down with grace’

Dianne Feinstein, according to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), is already on the verge of running for another term in the Senate. The form entitled Declaration of candidacy designates her for the Senate. An LAmag article revealed that Feinstein’s campaign committee began fundraising in May 2019. Already 87, Feinstein is the oldest sitting US senator and will be 91 in 2024, making her 97 at the end of that term if she wins re-election. . “I don’t feel that my cognitive abilities have diminished. Do I forget something sometimes? Very probably. We get things done and we pass bills. You are getting older, it’s true. But I’ve been productive, ”she told the Los Angeles Times last month.

Does Dianne Feinstein have Alzheimer’s disease?

We previously reported that Feinstein’s “cognitive decline” left staff in a “bad position”. There were reportedly rumors among the senator’s aides about his “memory loss” with an assistant saying, “The staff are in such a bad position. They have to stand up for her and make her look normal. On December 10, 2020, the New Yorker published an article titled: “ Dianne Feinstein’s Missteps Raise Painful Age Question for Senate Democrats. ” Although the article does not use the word “Alzheimer’s,” it does refer to the senator’s “cognitive decline”.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) attends a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing (Getty Images)

“Many people familiar with Feinstein’s situation describe her as seriously struggling and say this has been evident for several years. Speaking on the substance, and with respect for her accomplished career, they say her memory is short term has become so poor that she often forgets that she was told about a topic, accusing her staff of not having done so immediately after being informed, “part of the article explains. the senator has been interpreted as proof that the rumors about her memory loss could be true.

“Did anyone else catch Dianne Feinstein repeating her question to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey during today’s hearing? In less than 2 minutes she asked the same question two times. Maybe it’s time to hand over the baton? She’s accomplished a lot for the Democratic Party over the years. .but #DianneFeinstein, “wrote one user posting a video of Feinstein. The video is Senate testimony from Jack Dorsey where Feinstein, after asking the same questions twice, doesn’t realize she had.

Reactions to Feinstein’s re-election filing

Senator Dianne Feinstein arrives for the prosecution of the Senate impeachment trial (Getty Images)

“Dianne Feinstein is expected to step down. California has a gold mine full of awesome political talent, it’s time for her to pass the torch. If she runs again, I’ll be working on the campaign for whoever does it first and I will see to it that it is defeated, “wrote one user. . Another added: “Please reconsider, @SenFeinstein. I’ve always supported you, but it’s time to pass the torch. Thank you for your years of service.” Another added: “We are in a crisis and a day of reckoning. Time to move on and move fast. @SenFeinstein, as a 35 year old professional athlete, must retire gracefully.” Another brought up the memory loss allegations, adding, “Senate Feinstein #Feinstein 2024 Campaign. California WAKE UP. Don’t let someone with Alzheimer’s disease move on even after your primary in the jungle.”

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