“Domestic terrorist” or “mask dissident”? Demons celebrate crying man launched robbery amid calls to blacklist rioters on Capitol Hill

Leftists applauded an apparent victory from their side, mocking a man who was allegedly put on a no-fly list for participating in the assault on Capitol Hill last week, but it turns out his crime may have refused to wear a mask.

Lost in the cheerful conversation, there was every sense of the danger that putting citizens on the no-fly list without due process could end up affecting people of different political stripes. Lawmakers have urged the FBI and TSA to expand the country’s no-fly list to include anyone who took part in the violent pro-Trump protest on the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday.

Left-wing observers thought they saw such a case in a video that circulated on social media on Sunday. It shows a distraught man walking past a departure lounge saying:

That’s what they do to us. They kicked me off the plane. They called me a terrorist, and they want to fuck the king for wasting my life.

The scene of the apparent consequences for the Capitol rioters was greeted with cheers – and no sympathy. “Dude, you can’t even break into the Capitol building with a Camp Auschwitz t-shirt with zip ties for taking hostages while yelling about the vice president hanging just before you kill a cop without ending up on the no-fly list “ a group known as the Sleeping Giants said on Twitter.

Americans betrayed by their government in the nation’s capital.

Others joined in the fun. “My favorite thing is when he cries because they called him a terrorist,” Great Sarafan lawyer said. Podcast Host Nick Wright joked: “No-fly lists don’t care about your feelings.”

Self-described “Anti-racism educator” Tim Wise said he had no sympathy for the unidentified crying man. “Any idea what it takes to get a white man on the no-fly list?” he tweeted. “Yes, that doesn’t happen because of a tweet.” Podcast host Nathan Bernhardt added: “Stop trying to make me believe the no-fly list is good in any way.”

TV screenwriter Melissa Jo Peltier offered a translation of the weeping man explosion, saying that the attitude of “When I break the law and I’m held accountable like anyone else , I am a victim ”, prevails among “The MAGAsurrection Crowd.”

But it turned out that happy observers may have misinterpreted the scene. Journalist Yashar Ali said that, according to the woman who filmed the viral video, the man was kicked off the flight for not wearing a mask, in violation of Covid-19 rules.

Columnist Anthony Fisher, who said the U.S. no-fly list is “Irresponsible and unfair”, seemed to make an exception for supporters of President Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol. “Unlike most of those suspected of having links to terrorism, these people actually tried to overthrow the government,” he said.

After discovering that the man may just be a Covid-19 criminal, Fisher deleted his original tweet and reiterated both his opposition to the no-fly list and his condemnation of the rioters in the Capitol.

Lawyer Owen Barcala offered a glimmer of principled thought, saying the government shouldn’t punish people without due process. “I was against it applied to suspected terrorists, and I am against it applied to suspected insurgents,” he said.

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