Dominion worker allegedly caught manipulating voter data in Georgia – Dateway

An explosive new video has captured what appears to be a national representative manipulating voter data in Gwinett County, Georgia.

The video was uploaded by Ron Watkins, the former administrator of 8kun. In it, it shows a man identified as a representative of Dominion Voting Systems removing data from a central server via a USB drive in Gwinett County, Georgia, then walking away with the USB drive in his. poached.

The machine from which the data was said to have been extracted has been identified as the Election Management Server, responsible for compiling the ballots and certifying the results for the entire Gwinett County. The man is seen removing data from the central server over USB, moving it to an external laptop, manipulating voting analytics in the file explorer, then leaving the room after distracting them. people nearby.

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In a second video, a close-up of the man’s ID badge could be seen, which clearly identifies the man as a Dominion representative, his official title being “County Technician”.

As Trump challenges the election, NOTHING has been done to stop a repeat of the fraud in Georgia’s TWO Senate elections that will determine the balance of power in the US Senate.

The man and woman behind the camera can be heard expressing shock that the man pulled a USB drive out of his pocket, placed it in the computer, then plugs it into an external laptop. “Election management system should not be connected to anything and prepare tab reports for export to USB stick”, Watkins said, explaining why the USB transfer itself was so suspicious, regardless of the contents of the file:

You are supposed to deliver the USB key, not plug it into an external laptop and manipulate it in the file explorer before feeling it… The machines must not be connected under any circumstances. The fact that he plugged the data from the election management system into an external laptop and fiddled with it in the file explorer before palming is enough to consider the entire election in that county to be in jeopardy.

The video was apparently captured by concerned citizens on the ground in Gwinett County participating in “Dominion Watch,” where voters were monitoring the activities of Dominion employees in the disputed state.

National File reported last week that Eric Coomer, a Dominion leader, allegedly told leaders of several militant groups during a conference call in September that he had “made sure” that President Trump did not would not be re-elected in November.

You can watch the full video below:

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