Donald Trump and 50 Cent are two: smooth and insecure soloists

New Yorkers know this. Hip-hop fans know this. Black people really know this.

If you’ve seen rap music go from darling independent street culture to a billion dollar stock option, you’re not at all surprised by the 50 Cent vote for Donald Trump, since “I don’t want to have 20 cents”. History is a sneaky liar and betrays truths but for so long. The real estate mogul turned dictator and the rap star turned media provocateur have a lot in common:

Donald Trump spits bars with the best rappers, hyperbole his signature. His native speeches hammer rhymes that play at their own jingo pace. 50 Cent looks a lot like Donald Trump as the host of The apprentice, a tyrant and a joker at the height of his powers styling the scenography for the low-eyed television and the mocking sycophants. They are sons of Queens, an inimitable county but also desperately managed to catch up with Manhattan chic and Brooklyn courage. They both want to silence separated baby moms with gag orders and counter rumors. They place the products with their names so that there is no mistake about the founders and no room for hangers, despite the offspring. They are clever, efficient and insecure at the same time. They deride perceived enemies and speak out against threats to their power, growling until nothing is left but dust (see: Ja Rule, Jeb Bush).

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