Donald Trump is preparing to fabricate a 2020 election crisis

President Donald Trump, his campaign and his supporters are preparing to create a political crisis on Election Day.

The president said at a rally on Sunday that the winner of Tuesday’s presidential ballot must be declared before the end of the day – not to mention the fact that states routinely take days, if not weeks, to count vote totals presidential elections and certify the official results. The comments came shortly after a report from Axios that the president is considering declaring himself the preemptive winner on Tuesday if the early returns of voters in person, in enough states to give him a victory in an electoral college, appear to tip in his direction – even if the full tally of mailings state votes, which are expected to favor Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden more, will still be excluded.

Trump has denied the report. But during a brief briefing with reporters, he vowed that his team of lawyers would act quickly on election night to petition the courts to, ostensibly, challenge the legitimacy of a category of ballots posted before the election. polling day end but arrived after it was over. Different states have different laws governing these ballots, but the Supreme Court has already ruled, in several cases, to allow their submission based on the applicability of state laws. Trump called the court rulings “terrible.”

“We’re not going to let that happen to us with these ballots,” he said during a campaign stoppage earlier today. “Does that mean we go and wait, so it’s not November 3, is it much later than that?” We should know the outcome of the November 3 election, the evening of November 3. This is how it went and this is how it should be.

In fact, that is not how it happened in the history of the American elections. The vote count continues regularly in the days following the presidential elections. No state has ever reported on its final presidential vote count on election day. And unofficial projections by news organizations that played on election results and exit polls have resulted in retractions as more votes are counted.

The Trump campaign has nonetheless sought to misrepresent the votes counted after November 3 – as millions of votes are in every election – as votes “stolen” from the president’s re-election effort. “President Trump will lead on election night, winning likely 280 elections [votes], somewhere in that range, and then they’re going to try and steal it after the election, ”senior campaign adviser Jason Miller said on ABC Week on Sunday.

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