Donald Trump risks losing, but his judges will continue to destroy America for years to come

Even though Donald Trump is removed from office in November (and is in fact leaving), the judges appointed by Trump with life seats on the federal bench have already radically changed the face of our courts just like Donald Trump throughout. a series of questions.

The effects of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s relentless pressure to pack the courts with Trump’s choices are being felt directly in decisions to restrict the franchise and curtail immigration. Even if Joe Biden wins the presidency, his policies and legislative remedies will face legal challenges that, before Trump took control of the courts, would have been rejected.

Trump boasted during last week’s debate that he appointed around 300 federal judges plus a third Supreme Court nominee ready to go, a stellar record he made possible by leaving 128 vacancies behind. “When you step down, you leave no judge,” Trump said, implying that Obama and Biden were slackers.

First the numbers: by the end of October, if everything goes as planned and the coronavirus epidemic at the White House does not generate the Senate, Trump will add 10 additional judges, including a possible third judge of the Supreme Court, to boost its whole. in total at 228, far less than 300 but more than any other president since Jimmy Carter 40 years ago.

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