Donald Trump’s friends do what thousands of people don’t: leave the hospital

More than 3,000 Americans died from the coronavirus on Wednesday, when Rudy Giuliani walked out of Georgetown with a thumbs up, looking better than the last time we saw him, sweating in hair product. He resisted entering, but said the president told him, “Don’t be stupid. We can do it in three if we send you to the .

For once, he wasn’t stupid and joined Chris Christie and Ben Carson, both a bit old and deformed but who, despite everything, miraculously recovered. There could be more of the 53 infected in the White House hotspot, but they are too low profile or embarrassed to tell.

It wasn’t divine intervention that saved Rudy. These are ’s medical pardons at work. For elected , there is no waiting for care. At the first symptom, you can check in at the of your choice. Others, out of breath, face overwhelmed facilities where they could linger for hours on a hallway stretcher or, in places like Reno and El Paso, qualify for a bed in a numbered spot in a fitted car park. But the Friends of , upon arrival, are offered a presidential cocktail of rare monoclonal antibodies administered intravenously in hospitals.

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