Don’t be fooled when Trump presents the biggest GDP report ever

Thursday morning, the government will release an issue, and Donald Trump and his flunkeys will jump on it. This will be the official level of GDP growth in the third quarter of this year, and it will show a huge number, like 30%.

You can hear it now, and Larry Kudlow, and all the rest of them. Thirty percent! The biggest quarter of economic growth ever achieved, by far! (Contrary to everything Trump says, that will be technically true, even.) The economy is back, baby! V-shaped recovery! The economy is once again the largest in the history of the country, the Western Hemisphere, the world, the solar system, the known universe, the spirit of God!

This is what they will say. Don’t buy it. I am writing this column as a public service to tell you why this is a massive and desperate lie. The number will be the last pre-election piece of good news Trump gets. In a week where the polls reinforce the idea that he is slipping, he is agitated in his rallies attacking Ilhan Omar and Borat, making his supporters sick, blocking them in 32-degree weather for three hours, he will profit as a good news. . But it’s not as good as it will try to turn.

“Pro tip: When you increase 30% after decreasing 30%, you lose almost 15%.“

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