Don’t Believe The Hype About South Africa’s COVID-19 Coronavirus Strain

As always, the coronavirus is more complicated than previously thought. This time it could be good news.

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock on Monday created what an expert called the ‘panic of the day’ when he told the BBC he was ‘incredibly worried’ about the South African variant of the novel coronavirus. The UK government decided on Christmas Eve to restrict all flights to the UK from the country, the latest in a series of travel embargoes aimed at staving off the novelty of the terror pandemic.

“It’s a very, very important problem,” Hancock said, adding that “it’s even more of a problem than the new UK variant” of the virus.

But even as Hancock sounded the alarm that could be heard around the world, infectious disease experts from Britain to South Africa to Nebraska told the Daily Beast that there had no scientific evidence to support the panic.

Even if the prospect of an already brutal viral mutation remains inherently terrifying.

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