Don’t Echo Idiotic Trumpworld Biden Memes

One of the things Donald Trump has done brilliantly, perhaps the only thing he has done brilliantly (and he’s had a lot of help from the conservative media), is to create the false impression that his family of crooks and gangsters is sort of equivalent to family. of the Democrat he’s running against. And these bogus equivalences have worked extremely well for the First Family, allowing the President to install family members in nebulous government positions. Even Richard Nixon hadn’t dreamed of installing Tricia as a senior advisor.

Between Hunter Biden’s tax investigation and Jill Biden’s thesis, Trump’s media complex has been extremely busy lately. Sure, Jared Kushner started a shell company to pay members of the Trump family, but how dare Jill Biden call herself a doctor?

Well, I’m here to say that these things are not equal, not even a little. Every time the mainstream media covers these “scandals” as equals, they let the Trump family off the hook for misdemeanor. I’m here to tell you that defrauding your own donors and maybe stealing their money is not the same as calling you a doctor, especially when you are in fact a doctor, and these bogus equivalences are journalistic malpractice. .

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