Don’t let Kim Kardashian drop off on her 40th birthday ‘Fuck You’ to the rest of us

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We step back from Kim Kardashian’s defense

The news cycle these days is like me when the doorbell rings with the pizza I ordered. It moves fast and it’s inconvenient to watch. That’s why it’s important to remind everyone of a scandal that unfolded earlier this week so it doesn’t go away in the next distracting horseshoe blizzard.

What Kim Kardashian did – whether it was muted, whether it was an innocent mistake, whether it was calculated and despicable, that you thought it was superfluous – was absolutely vile. Shame on the internet is crass and usually unnecessary and there is hardly ever a reason to do it. Lo, we have encountered the exception. Shame!

What did she do? She indulged in a grotesque display of privilege, spat on the people who struggle to make ends meet and stay safe during a pandemic, and put a finger on the welfare of service workers who must risk their lives for his ego.

Specifically, she transported dozens of people from her “closest inner circle” to a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday, then posted pictures of it on social media, characterizing the whole operation as a storytelling getaway, anyone wanting to feel normal, like in pre-COVID times, could rationalize.

“After two weeks of multiple health tests and asking everyone to quarantine themselves, I surprised my closest entourage with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a while. brief moment. ” she captioned a series of photos of guests partying, spawning a torrent of memes exposing the craziness of such a statement in these times.

It’s no secret that the rich and famous were able to escape the brutalities of the pandemic in ways that we simple peasants cannot. But most also know that it is better to brag about it. When people say “eat the rich,” it’s not really wise to serve yourself and your “closest inner circle” as a buffet.

This is partly due to the ‘top of social media’, like Rachel Bloom highlighted on Twitter.

Kardashian knows the kind of response these photos would post from jobless people unable to leave their homes because it’s unsafe and they don’t have access to testing, or because they otherwise have a fucking brain and know that this is egregious behavior. . “But she also knows how cool the photos look and how many likes she’ll get for posting,” Bloom writes. “Critical thinking cannot compete with the rise of dopamine.”

This is how Kardashian makes a living; that’s his brand. Posting about her life is what she does, so maybe it’s an overreaction to complain about it now. But that gives it too much credit, especially when there is still a real danger in this case.

There is a danger in glorifying the justifications she lists for making travel safe at a time when too many people are doing the same rationalization – albeit on a much more plebeian level than a trip to a private island – while they are in fact unable to guarantee these encounters are safe. It just normalizes that behavior. And what about the waiters who are seen in the background of the photos, wearing masks while waiting for the Kardashian party? What about their security?

We have performed a true Olympic gold medalist figure skating program over the years, doing complicated triple jump combinations and spinning until we got the giddy up to defend Kardashian as a worthy and legitimate public figure. We cannot ignore and not reject, we argued, someone who has truly changed the world.

She and her family have expanded the discourse on exploitation, sexualization, free will, feminism, family, and power. They spawned a new era of reality TV that sutured social media and influence with the brand on screen. Kardashian has become a warrior for social justice and prison reform while also being the true poster child of women who are not taken seriously because of their looks, behavior, or their rise to positions of power.

Set it all on fire. These photos and captions are so bad.

She followed them up the next day with a “Now that I have your attention … this a reminder to VOTE” Tweeter. NO. With this offer as a nickname mea culpa, she resumed posting photos from the trip without any warning. Thursday evening the party was joined by a kardashian late father hologram– in case things weren’t already surreal.

I don’t believe this whole scandal was some orchestrated ploy to get attention and then bring out a voting PSA. I don’t think a crisis manager really thinks it helps control the damage. And I don’t think we should pay attention to the inevitable glossy magazine cover article where she talks about this controversy and the journey she’s taken to figure out her mistakes and then brush it all under the rug.

It’s too disgusting. This is not the first time that Kardashian has told so. But this is the first time in the context of a global pandemic.

The comparisons are unfair and unwarranted, but it’s worth noting that Kardashian made these 40th anniversary tweets on the same day Chrissy Tiegen posted her moving, candid, courageous (in the way that actually means, not how we bastard him too much. often), and a nice essay on the loss of her child, sharing the photos publicly and internalizing the positive and negative reactions to it.

These are two women who, for different reasons, were fired for the way they got their platforms and then criticized for the way they shared their personal lives on them. But there’s such a resounding difference in how Teigen proved (once again) the worth of a celebrity using his megaphone to normalize, destigmatize, and crave compassion – and Kardashian being the world’s biggest jerk.

Either way, Kim has six toes.

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