“Don’t you want to commit to it?”

Fox News presenter Sandra Smith confronted Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Wednesday on whether or not she supports President Donald Trump’s demand for $ 2,000 stimulus checks, asking if the stimulus Senator Trump is trying to ignore the question and not to commit to it. “

Before the President potentially detonated the COVID-19 relief bill at the last minute by threatening a veto because the proposed $ 600 checks were “ridiculously low,” Blackburn was one of six Republican senators to vote no on legislation. The Tennessee lawmaker complained at the time that the long-awaited relief program, combined with the omnibus spending bill, was “bloated” and “used a pandemic to promote a socialist agenda.”

Appearing on American press room On Wednesday, Blackburn doubled down on her opposition to the bill, calling it a “redistribution of wealth” while noting that she “fought against these direct cash payments” to individuals because it is a “path that we don’t want to borrow. . “

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