Dr Shiva Ayyadurai shows how ‘Glitch’ vote shifted votes from Trump to Biden – Dateway

An analysis of vote totals by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai shows how an algorithm was likely used to swap Trump’s votes in Michigan. in Biden.

In his analysis, Dr Shiva looked at graphs from several jurisdictions, including Kent, Macomb, and Oakland counties, which show similar vote distributions indicating a ‘race-weighted’ algorithm function built into the voting machines used. .

“As constituencies grow with a higher percentage of Republicans, a larger percentage of Trump votes is transferred to Biden,” a Powerpoint presentation explained.

In other words, “The more Republican the precinct, the more Trump vote percentage is transferred to Biden in this precinct.”

Watch Dr. Shiva’s analysis below:

Documentary filmmaker and former Reagan political analyst Dinesh D’Souza called Shiva’s break-up “the crux of the matter.”

Watch Dr. Shiva’s full breakdown here:

Presidential Advisor Roger Stone joins the Alex Jones Show in breaking the path to victory for President Donald J. Trump’s re-election.

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