Drug overdoses have killed four times as many people as COVID – Dateway

Official figures from San Francisco show that drug overdoses have killed nearly four times as many people as COVID-19 this year, yet the government continues to distribute free needles to drug addicts.

“A record 621 people have died from drug overdoses in San Francisco so far this year, a staggering number that far exceeds the 173 deaths from COVID-19 the city has experienced so far,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Many people overdosed in low-income apartment buildings and in city-funded hotel rooms for the homeless. Others died on the sidewalks, in the alleys and parks around the city.

Despite these deaths, the government continues to distribute 5.8 million syringes free per year to drug addicts.

It also appears that the lockdowns have exacerbated illicit drug use across the state of California.

“Other areas of the state have seen increased drug use and overdoses amid the lockdowns, including in Los Angeles County,” the Washington Examiner reports. “In 2013 in the county, fentanyl accounted for 3% of drug-related deaths. At the start of 2020, 42% of drug-related deaths were linked to fentanyl in the region, and that number rose to 51% when the lockdowns were enacted in March.

The problem of homeless drug users in San Francisco is so chronic that in 2019, locals desperately began installing boulders on the side of streets in an attempt to prevent camping.

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A ripple effect of the massive increase in the city’s homeless population has been the routine sight of feces on the streets.

A 2019 study found that every case of poop that needs to be cleaned up on the streets of San Francisco costs the taxpayer $ 32, with 118,352 reports of human excreta recorded since 2011.

As we document in the video below, San Francisco is a shit-stained cesspool that only gets worse, a situation increasingly mirrored in other major Democrat-run cities across America.



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