Easy holiday decoration with this candle

I’m not gonna lie, I love the holiday decorations as much as the next person, but absolutely hate putting everything away when the season is over. On the one hand, it’s a partially inherited trait that I can’t seem to get rid of, as my mom sometimes didn’t remove her Christmas tree until February. On the other hand, she was really crazy about seasonal decor, so I can take her or leave her. Still, it’s nice to have at least a little something festive this time of year, and the White Unscented Decorative Christmas Candle from the Lakeside Collection is perfect.

On the one hand, this tree shaped candle is really beautiful. Personally, I think the color white adds a touch of elegance, as well as festivity, to its surroundings. But the best thing about the candle is that it’s a holiday decoration that not only looks great, but also self-destructs (read: background!) Throughout the season, leaving nothing to store a once the vacation is over.

Simply place it in a holder where hot wax can collect. Since the wick runs the entire length of the candle, the tree will melt as it does, from top to bottom. The rest of the candle will always be beautiful at every step.

The candle is made from paraffin wax and is odorless, so everyone can enjoy its appearance without being bothered by the smells. It can be placed almost anywhere, from fireplaces to entryways or to coffee tables. It could also make a great gift.

White decorative Christmas tree candle from the Lakeside collection

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