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Elderly woman denied entry to supermarket after failing to get government permission to buy food – Dateway

Video from Chile shows an elderly woman being denied entry to a supermarket because she did not get the necessary government permission to purchase groceries under the country’s lockdown .

The shows the woman, who is apparently 100, looking confused as she is denied access by uniformed security guards.

“Unfortunately, the government measures are not aimed at the most vulnerable, not everyone manages the technology, not everyone has access to the Internet,” Radio Villa Francia tweeted with the video.

In Chile, people have to apply for a “security pass” online, which only allows them to purchase essential food items twice a week between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m.

As part of the country’s “sanitary quarantine”, citizens must demand “temporary instruments that allow people to carry out basic activities and to obtain essential goods and services” in their communities.

The elderly lady’s inability to obtain the pass may be related to her alleged inability to browse the Internet.

The video serves as a chilling reminder of what could be introduced in the West once vaccine passports and Chinese-style social credit scoring programs are implemented.

In the UK, vaccine passports will not initially be required to enter places such as pubs, restaurants and grocery stores, but the government has refused to exclude it longer term in its planning document.

In China, citizens who lower their social credit rating as a result of relatively minor infractions are denied the right to purchase things like plane and train tickets.


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