Election of “president” Kamala and Joe Biden “able to fly” – Dateway

The daughter of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told a reporter she was thrilled with ‘President’ Kamala Harris and was astonished that Joe Biden had ‘been able to steal’ the election – before quickly reverting to his comments.

โ€œFor me, it’s really special because we now have the first black, Asian, incumbent, elected president,โ€ Chiara de Blasio said Wednesday, referring to Biden vice president Harris.

“And Joe Biden could have stolen – stole?” No, uh, able to win – sorry – “

The reporter asked: “Repeat that?”

โ€œNo, he was able to win the election,โ€ she said.

De Blasio made the remarks during a left-wing celebration in the streets after mainstream media called for Biden’s election as states are still numbered.

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Over the summer, de Blasio made headlines after being arrested for participating in the violent Black Lives Matter riots.

Harrison Smith, Tom Pappert and Jack Hadfield describe the international response to the US elections and how they helped us better spot the enemy.

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