Electricity customers in North Texas stranded with electricity bills of up to $ 17,000 after cold snap

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Some Texans were shocked to find that their electric bills skyrocketed to $ 17,000 after the cold snap.

Texas was hit by rare winter storms and below freezing temperatures earlier this week that spread to the of the state and power grids gave way after nearly half of the wind turbines froze .

Some North Texans who were lucky enough not to lose power have been hit by astronomically high utility bills.

A company called Griddy gives its customers access to the wholesale power grid, but prices were so high due to rare winter storms that they hit a state-imposed cap.

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Griddy told his customers to switch to other utility before the winter storms hit, but other suppliers were unwilling to recruit new customers.

FOX 4 reported:

Ty Williams and his family in Alrington were among the lucky ones in this week’s storm and never lost power. However, he paid the price in the form of an electric bill of $ 17,000 for three meters over five days of use. He is a client of a company called Griddy.

Griddy gives customers real-time access to the wholesale power grid. But this week, wholesale prices were so high that they hit a state-imposed cap.

And while the Williams’ have done what they can to keep, their bill has swelled.

Griddy urged customers late last week to switch businesses ahead of the storm due to a high price prediction.

Ty says he has tried it several times and has been told by many potential vendors that a change would take at least a week.

“It was unnecessary because no one wants to shoulder the burden of a new customer when they are paying full price for electricity,” he said.

Joe Biden spoke about the Texas electricity crisis on Friday and said he may be heading to Texas soon, but he doesn’t know when.

It took Biden several days to finally meet with FEMA and sign a federal declaration of emergency, which gave Texas $ 5 million in federal aid.

Biden may increase the funding amount if he signs a new major emergency declaration.

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