Ellen DeGeneres shares details of her Covid-19 experience – deadline

Ellen DeGeneres today shares her experience with Covid-19 last month and reassures the virtual audience of her returning syndicated talk show that she is fine.

The host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show – She returned today after a lengthy hiatus that began on December 10 with DeGeneres’ announcement of her Covid diagnosis. She said she didn’t have many of the typical Covid symptoms like fever and headache.

“And I haven’t lost my sense of taste,” she joked, “even though I wore Crocs with socks for a day, so you’re the judge.”

On today’s episode, DeGeneres reports that she was briefed on her positive test results last month while sitting in the hair and makeup chair preparing for the day’s show. “Everyone ran away,” she jokes.

Her symptoms, she says, were limited to tiredness – “I slept 16 hours a day for the first three days” – and then painful back cramps. She said she was surprised to learn that back pain is actually a Covid symptom. She was prescribed pain relievers and muscle relaxants – “Jackpot!” She says – and later a steroid pack.

DeGeneres says she feels “very happy, very, very blessed” that her symptoms weren’t worse, that her heart goes out to everyone with the Covid, adding that she still doesn’t know where she came into contact with the coronavirus is. “I wear a mask, wash my hands, and only licked three or four door handles.”

Check out the clip from today’s show above.

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