Elon Musk Staffers at Tesla, ‘degenerate’ SpaceX Slam, CEO of Raging in the Vanity Fair report

Elon Musk employees check his Twitter feed when he wakes up to gauge his mood, and Tesla employees flood the Mercurial CEO with budget requests if a SpaceX launch is successful – but take cover if one fails. rocket, according to a long new profile of the entrepreneur. through Vanity Fair’s Nick Bilton.

Vanity Fair reports that Tesla staff are paying attention to developments at SpaceX, and vice versa, as it affects how Musk, the third richest person on the planet, with an estimated fortune of around $ 94 billion on Wednesday, treats them by the following.

“On launch days, everyone at Tesla is listening to see if the launch is successful, not because we are invested in rockets, but because it has a direct impact on Elon’s mood. for the next few days, “said a Tesla executive. Vanity Fair. “If there was a failure on a launch, there would be hell to pay; you didn’t want a phone call set up with Elon afterwards. “

A former staff member also said Vanity Fair that they check Musk’s Twitter account every morning to try and guess his mood.

“We all wake up and look at it every day thinking, ‘Oh, my God, what now?’ You really had no idea what you were going to see, ”said a former employee Vanity Fair.

The article also states that “some people close to him believe his erratic behavior in 2020 was even more at risk because he used substances, including alcohol and marijuana, which he is obsessed with on social media. . A pot-inspired 2018 tweet, in which he said he plans to take Tesla privately at “420” per share (the number is the code for smoking pot), put Musk in hot water with the regulators American financiers; he was charged with fraud by the SEC, but ultimately settled, agreeing to step down as chairman of Tesla and pay $ 40 million in penalties.

The article accuses Musk of only retweeting pro-Tesla media like the Teslarati website. He says he largely manages his own communications and has not replaced many of his communications and public relations staff who have left since 2019, after being cleared of defamation in connection with ‘a lawsuit brought against him by a British diver living in Thailand. he accused of being a “pedo”.

When contacted for comment by Vanity Fair, Musk replied: “Vanity Fair that sucks. Bilton adds that Musk attributed the quote “very clearly to himself.”

The article also claims that in recent years, Musk has burned staff, claiming he has “lost more than two dozen executives at Tesla, including three different general advisers, his director of engineering, director of sales, directors. finance, operations, accounting, production and recruiting. “

Musk’s temper is explored in the play, which, according to the testimony of an alleged witness, claims that during an argument between Musk and a former girlfriend “while leaving a club one night, Musk aggressively took it. insulted, asking her why she had hair on her face (referring to the light peach fuzz everyone has, visible under the bright light of the club canopy). “

The girlfriend reportedly replied, “Because I am a mammal.”

Another anonymous source who is described as knowing Musk told Bilton: “There is a high level of degenerate behavior with Elon… There is paranoia: are you with me or against me?”

The person added, “All these guys, I spent time with them, Musk, Zuck, all of them; they all present tendencies of total and complete pathological sociopathy. They don’t give a damn about you or me as individuals.

The piece also reiterates an April investor call on Tesla’s first quarter results in which Musk denounced COVID-19 lockdowns: “Frankly, I would call this the forced imprisonment of people in their homes against all their rights. constitutional, ”he said on appeal. “It shatters people’s freedoms in a way that is horrible and wrong and not why they came to America or built this country. What is this mess? Sorry. Outrage. Outrage. “

Musk has come to be seen as a coronavirus minimizer, and claimed that the actual death rate from the highly contagious virus differed from projections “by at least a factor of 10, maybe a factor of 50”.

But the article says that one person would have said Vanity Fair that Musk “told them he was canceling trips to Asia due to COVID concerns.”

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