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An Elvis impersonator in the UK was devastated after fools rushed to his home despite the man appearing to be alone.

The clip shows the man wearing headphones singing on an Elvis track with his back facing the door.

As soon as he sees someone enter behind him, the man rushes to confront the intruder, only to realize that he is a masked policeman.

After yelling at the man to turn off the music, two more policemen enter the room.

“What is this mess! Kiss my ass! You come to my house so I went for you! the man exclaims.

A policewoman tells him that the cops have been trying to get home for 20 minutes.

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Some have speculated that cops are investigating a noise complaint while others have suggested they are enforcing COVID rules banning gatherings of people indoors. “I had my fucking ear to go and give you assholes for a living,” the man answers.

The confrontation seemed to leave the man crying like a hunting dog.

All kidding aside, under UK law, police are not allowed to enter homes without a warrant unless they suspect there is a rally where someone infected with COVID is spreading the virus .

The man appeared to be completely alone, meaning he hadn’t broken any coronavirus laws.

England remain under full lockdown until Wednesday next week when a more draconian tier system is being reintroduced, which for many areas represents another lockdown in everything but name.

As we have already pointed out, police in parts of the country have previously indicated that they would not hesitate to interrupt Christmas family reunions if they violate COVID rules.

Some respondents to the clip made jokes about Elvis, but others didn’t see the funny side.

β€œWe can ignore it like it’s nothing or we can realize how amazing it is,” one said.

β€œHonestly I don’t recognize the UK anymore, I can’t believe in just 9 months we got there,” added another.

Others defended the actions of the police, saying the man was a known nuisance to his neighbors.



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