Emergency doctor testifies paramedics never said George Floyd had a heart attack or OD

emergency room doctor who pronounced George Floyd dead said on Monday that when paramedics brought 46-year-old black man to hospital on May 25, no one told him they suspected ‘he had had a drug overdose or a heart attack.

Dr Bradford Wankhede Langenfeld, who was a senior resident at Hennepin County Medical Center at time, told jurors how he attempted to resuscitate Floyd when he was brought to emergency room after former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin held her knee for over nine minutes. He said that although he was immediately told that Floyd had been “detained” by police at time of “medical emergency”, paramedics did not mention anything about a possible drug overdose.

“Any time a patient spends in cardiac arrest without immediate CPR dramatically decreases chances of a good outcome,” Langenfeld told jurors in Hennepin County court, suggesting that officers at scene should have provided care. medical. “About 10-15% decrease in survival for every minute without CPR.”

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