End of the line for Trumpland is a poorly rated sex shop in North Philly

On Saturday morning, members of Donald Trump’s legal armada rushed to hold a press conference to challenge the legitimacy of the election. For their Waterloo site, they chose a landscaping company in Philadelphia that rested on an industrial road next to an erotic bookstore that hosts “Dildo Madness” sales and whose owners took a decidedly negative review of the site. water-based lubricant.

For a while, Four Seasons Total Landscaping and the nearby Fantasy Island adult bookstore, which a Yelp reviewer called “a spooky place,” were a punchline. And then they were a metaphor. Until, as the minutes passed, they took their bizarre place in the history books.

Because that’s where the team Trump assembled to turn the tide of the election – Rudy Giuliani, Pam Bondi and Corey Lewandowksi – stood up when the call fell. Joe Biden was ruled president-elect, ending the days of waiting and counting ballots in addition to the campaigning months that preceded him.

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