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An associate of Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested in France on sexual charges as he tried to fly out of the country, according to French .

Jean-Luc Brunel was arrested at Roissy airport while attempting to board a flight to Senegal, a West African country that was once a French colony.

“The modeling and former close associate of Jeffrey Epstein, Jean-Luc Brunel, was arrested at Roissy airport while leaving for Dakar [a city in Senegal]RT reported, translated from French. “The [70-year-old] was taken into custody for rape and sexual assault, in particular of minors. “

The outlet, quoting AFP, said Brunel was accused of rape by several former models and that Brunel was suspected of channeling “young girls” to Epstein, one of whose charges stemmed from the first investigation into Epstein in 2007.

It is not publicly known whether was involved in Brunel’s arrest, but his administration is targeting human traffickers around the world.

The timing is curious as the French opened the Brunel investigation in August 2019, around the time Epstein was reportedly found dead in his prison cell after being arrested by US authorities and accused of running a trafficking ring. sex of young girls.

Brunel was ready to surrender to French authorities in October 2019, but the case has apparently remained dormant – until now.

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