Epstein funded a strange foundation with ties to former French minister Jack Lang

BIn the spring of 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was persona non grata in America. the Miami herald issued a briefing on the financier’s mistreatment of underage girls, the Justice Department opened an investigation into his 2008 secret plea deal, and federal prosecutors in Manhattan were quietly constructing new criminal charges against him.

Perhaps this is why Epstein took refuge in Paris, where not everyone shied away from the wealthy sex offender. French politician Jack Lang, the country’s former culture minister and education minister, told Paris media outlet Franceinfo that he and Epstein attended a 30th anniversary party for the Louvre Pyramid in March 2019 – around four months before the FBI arrested Epstein. . Lang is said to have invited the sex trafficker, whom he described as “a charming, courteous and pleasant person.”

Now The Daily Beast has learned that Epstein has funded a French organization whose leaders have ties to Lang, which decades ago endorsed a disturbing opinion regarding sex with 13-year-old teens and, like Epstein, is friends with beleaguered director Woody Allen.

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