Erin Perrine of Team Trump: When Do Democrats Admit Voter Fraud Isn’t Good?

“At what point do Democrats admit that fraud is not good, that people who say they are 120 and voting is not good, that the vote of the dead is not good? illegal voting undermines all legal votes cast in this country. ” – @ErinMPerrine ******** The Trump War Room is run by the #TeamTrump 2020 campaign and is dedicated to celebrating President Trump’s accomplishments and #PromiseMadePromiseKept! #MAGA #KeepAmericaGreat That’s not all. The Trump War Room is also fighting #FakeNews and highlighting the scandalous socialist policies Democrats are pushing. Follow Trump War Room’s other social media accounts for the latest updates on partisan media attacks and President Trump’s America First winning agenda. Trump War Room on Twitter: Trump War Room on Instagram: Make sure you’re ready for the 2020 election by getting Team Trump’s latest loot here: For the latest updates on the President’s re-election campaign Trump, you can also follow these accounts: President Donald Trump on Facebook: President Donald Trump on Snapchat: Team Trump on Facebook: Team Trump on Twitter: Equipo Trump on Twitter: Team Trump on Instagram: Women for Trump on Facebook: Women for Trump on Instagram: Latinos for Trump on Facebook: Latinos for Trump on Instagram: Black Voices for Trump on Facebook: Black Voices for Trump on Instagram: Black Voices for Trump on Twitter: Evangelicals for Trump on Facebook: Evangelicals for Trump on Instagram: Veterans for Trump on Facebook: Veterans for Trump on Instagram:

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