Even Mike Huckabee tells Trump it’s a ‘mistake’ to focus on Hunter Biden

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee joined a growing chorus at Trumpworld on Wednesday calling on President Donald Trump to stop focusing his attention on Hunter Biden, saying it was a “mistake” and “did not of importance ”to voters.

Over the past week, Fox News has devoted countless hours of coverage to documents found on a laptop computer allegedly belonging to the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden – though the network passed the story on when the lawyer Trump staff Rudy Giuliani addressed them for the first time. .

Other media, meanwhile, have been restrained in covering the story, largely due to questions surrounding Giuliani’s reputation for peddling dirt, the provenance of the laptop itself. and fears that the documents may be part of a targeted disinformation campaign. Even at New York Post, who first reported the story, concerns over credibility led the story’s lead reporter to decline the addition of his signature.

As the president and his loudest boosters continue to hammer out Hunter Biden’s emails, Huckabee – an early and passionate Trump supporter – took to the President’s favorite morning show on Wednesday to tell him he’s got it. was a losing closing argument for the 2020 election.

After discussing the robust totals of the advance votes with the Fox and friends hosts, Huckabee quickly switched over to give the president some advice through the television screen.

“In the last few days, what the president has to do is forget about Hunter Biden,” the Fox News contributor said. “Forget all the distractions of anything but one thing: Remind Americans that it’s their lives that are really at stake right now.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade then wanted to know if it was a “mistake” on Trump’s part to carry out his campaign message with Hunter Biden.

“Yeah, that’s a mistake,” Huckabee said. “Because the average person doesn’t understand that. It’s too complicated. And frankly, it doesn’t matter to them.

“They care about their health costs,” he added. “They care about their taxes. They care about safety in their neighborhood in their neighborhood and in their art. Focus on that and he wins the election by a landslide.

While many pro-Trump Fox News opinion leaders have obsessively covered Hunter Biden’s emails, some network figures have said it would be up to the president to focus on kitchen table issues.

Fox and friends Co-host Steve Doocy, for example, said earlier this week that Trump should be spending his time talking about the economy. Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen, meanwhile, begged Trump to stop talking about Hunter, noting voters don’t care and “the election is not going to turn” on young Biden. .

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