Everlane Day glove review

If it were up to me, I would go to work in slippers. him on the misfortune of 2020, wearing shoes is just hard to do these days. Well, like a shoe god coming to answer all of our prayers, Everlane’s Glove of the Day has appeared and is here to help you and your feet through the rest of 2020.

The name itself reveals the very nature of this supple leather – it fits like a hell of a glove. Well, not so much as a glove, but more like a sock – a nice, cozy, comfortable sock.

These Italian-made shoes are also unconventional. In fact, the top of the shoe covers your foot more than you might think compared to other luxury brands, so visually it takes some getting used to, but they’re still just as versatile.

I wore my black pair one day with a velvet floor-length skirt, followed by mid- and a white button-down shirt the next day. In both cases, there have been many compliments for these shoes. The day glove is available in a variety of shades and styles, including metal, mocha, cream and more. There is also a knit version, a mesh version and a tapered version for those who want to flaunt their undying dedication to this signature shoe.

Well known to the general public for its commitment to delivering high quality, ethically sourced fashion, this brand designs forward-thinking and work-friendly moccasins, distinctive flats, awkward heels, and wardrobe staples like cashmere sweaters, leather bags, denim and more. Radically transparent about its commitment to more ethical fashion, Everlane also educates consumers about their factories, how their materials are purchased, and the cost of production versus the final retail price.

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