Everlane Dream pants review

Normally my mornings start with me staring at my closet like a child looking at a vending machine. I’m excited to put things together and challenge my personal style. These days though, I just take a semi pretty top and throw it on the comfy bottom which is clean. It’s disheartening to say the least that I resort to comfort rather than style. Luckily, Everlane came to the rescue with his new, aptly named Dream pants – one-piece pants, one-piece track pants.

Years ago I had double knit pants that I bought from J.Crew that I wore until the seams burst. They were a thick Ponte fabric, almost like a soft neoprene, and they made me feel like I was wearing leggings, but they were fit for the job. The Dream Pants make me feel the same, except instead of leggings, they’re sweatpants. The double mesh fabric is comfortable yet structured, with an outer rib and elastic waistband for a trouser look. The hem is also easily cuffed which is perfect for us smaller girls.

What really makes these pants perfect for these days is that I can still feel like putting on an outfit (the pants are both black and heather gray) but I’m comfortable no matter what. where I am sitting. Unlike the leggings, sweatpants, and jeans I’ve been wearing in recent months, these are pants that turn me on when I work at home, but will remain a staple once I get back to work.

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