Everything Trump Says About Election Results, Reply ‘Fuck You And Keep Counting’

Hoping the next time you see my name here, the results of the 2020 Hell election will be clear.

We will know if America has listened to its best angels and got rid of this miserable president and his scabrous brood of filthy petty thieves and crooks forever. We’ll know if America saw this election as a referendum on the man whose mismanagement of COVID killed nearly 250,000 of their fellow citizens because of his unique and toxic combination of ego, deception, stupidity, and self-righteousness. political ambition.

More than anything, we will know what kind of people we want to be and what kind of society we have decided to live in – a democratic republic with a functioning constitutional government or a Trump monarchy starting in earnest. No, I’m not exaggerating. There is a growing body of Trumpish pseudo-intellectualism pushing the old Republican Party towards the notion of an all-powerful executive. If you ask the average grassroots voter Trump, they’d be happy to be ruled by the dynasty forever.

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