Evidence proves ‘gusting water pipe’ in Georgia used as cover for secret vote tally

Time stamps and text messages debunk the idea that Fulton County had to stop counting votes for an extended period of time at State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Election Day.

Fulton County claimed that a burst water pipe in the arena resulted in a four-hour delay in the counting of the votes, and that “Pipe-Gate” somewhat required extra days for the count even though none of the ballots were wet.

State Farm Arena said in its statement that the leak occurred at 6:07 am and that “within 2 hours the repairs were completed.”

But State Farm Arena didn’t tweet its statement about the incident until 9:19 p.m. ET. With President Trump in the lead in Georgia, suddenly the notoriously pro-Stacey Abrams Fulton pro-Democrat County had to stretch its vote count.

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Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer has revealed that Pipe-Gate is being used by Fulton County election workers to secretly count votes without observers present.

A request for a public record led to the revelation of a text message from Atlanta Hawks vice president of facilities Geoffrey Stiles claiming the story was overblown:

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