Exhausted Dem donors might not have Georgia runoff in mind

The costliest election in US history is set to culminate with two months of the costliest campaign the country has ever seen in a state. The stakes could not be higher because if Democrats win both Georgian Senate seats in a runoff in January, they will take control of the chamber and hand unified control of the government to President-elect Joe Biden.

Within the party, there is no shortage of enthusiasm for the opportunity to oust two GOP senators, elect Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock and take the Senate. But this task will require raising a historic sum of money to compete with Republicans, who intend to do everything they can to flood Georgia’s airwaves, online platforms, roadsides and lawns. campaign messages.

But the challenge comes at the end of a grueling election cycle in which Democratic donors themselves have given at unprecedented levels to elect Biden and overthrow the Senate. From North Carolina to Texas to Maine, however, these efforts have failed to produce the returns Democratic donors and fundraisers hoped for. Now, it’s an open question whether the folks who usually fund Democratic campaign operations – and have done so at historic levels already this year – are willing to empty their wallets again in the hope of going two for two in Georgia.

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