Experts called Georgia impossible to win. Black women knew better.

What happened Tuesday night was not supposed to happen.

Democrats are now set to take over the Senate after Raphael Warnock and apparently Jon Ossoff toppled the of Georgia. Warnock has already been declared the winner, defeating incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler. He will now become Georgia’s first Democrat elected to the Senate in 20 years and the first black senator to represent the Peach . Meanwhile, Ossoff is getting closer and closer to victory, which would give the Democratic Party control of the White House, Congress, and Senate – total power he has not had since the President’s first term. President Barack Obama.

It took a long time for two candidates who had to contend with some of the meanest campaign policies in recent history. In his closing message to voters, Ossoff’s GOP opponent David Perdue suggested that if Republicans lose, undocumented immigrants will have the right to vote, Americans’ private health insurance will be “cut” and the Democrats will unload the Supreme Court police.

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