Exploring the Human-Ape Paradox – Alyssa Crittenden, Kristen Hawkes, Margaret Schoeninger

(01:32 – Cooperative breeding, 14:18 – Ancient grandmothers, ancient savannas, 30:15 – Nutrition and diet) Each species of our primate cousins ​​is unique because it represents the result of an independent evolution. Yet humans appear to be a remarkable outlier because we have so many characteristics that have not yet been described in any other primate. Why should it be? This symposium will address several distinctly important human “biologically enculturated” characteristics, both in relation to each other and in contrast to our evolutionary cousins, and will also help organize how and in what order the physical, mental, social characteristics. and distinctly human cultural and evolved. [12/2020] [Show ID: 36199]

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