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Training in “extremism” is needed to re-educate troops who view the “Capitol Riot” and last year’s Black Lives Matter “protests” as similar, according to the .

From, “Some troops see Capitol Riot, BLM protests as similar threats, says top enlisted leader”:

Some troops have equated the Jan.6 riot on the U.S. Capitol with last year’s racial justice protests in recent run-ins to fight extremism, worrying top enlisted leader of the Army.

In a briefing Thursday with reporters at the , Ramón “CZ” Colón-López, the senior enlisted adviser to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said some troops asked when the January 6 riot was brought up: “How come you don’t not looking at the situation? this was happening in Seattle before that?

[…] Colón-López said the confusion expressed by some young soldiers shows why training sessions on extremism are necessary.

[…] Those leading the sessions wanted to “make sure the military understands the difference between Seattle and [the Jan. 6 riot in] Washington, DC, ”Colón-López said. “But some of our younger members are confused about this, so that’s what we need to move forward and talk to them and educate them. to make sure they know exactly what they can and cannot do. “

Here is the difference:

– The Capitol “Riot” was a largely peaceful protest where 5 Trump supporters died, including 14-year-old Air veteran Ashli ​​Babbitt who was shot and by a Capitol policeman while ‘he was unarmed.

– The BLM were the most damaging in U.S. history, costing some $ 2 billion in insurance payments alone. Police, FBI, and military knelt in front of the “protesters” in humiliating acts of submission. The media covered up the attacks on their own journalists so that they could describe the as “peaceful protests”. At least 25 people were during the and a wave of unprecedented murderous crimes followed. continues:

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Colón-López also noted that the military was called in to respond after the Capitol attacks, but was not called in to support law enforcement during the Seattle protests.

And he made a distinction between those who legally exercised their rights to protest the First Amendment during last summer’s protests for racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement, and those who “hung” on protests for looting, destroying property and committing other crimes.

But sometimes, he said, young soldiers see messages on television that blur the lines between the two and “we had to educate them” on the difference.

“No, that’s not what it meant,” Colón-López said. “There were people who advocated [against] social injustice, racial injustice and everything else, and that’s the citizens’ right. “

Asked about networks or popular television personalities among members who drew these equivalences, Colón-López said: “These are very, very difficult conversations to have with people because sometimes they are moved on the topic.”

[…] Colón-López underlined the refrain commonly heard by senior military that the vast majority of soldiers do not share extremist views.

And the military is not interested in monitoring the online activity of troops in their homes, he said. A member of the who google QAnon, for example, might just want to find out about the online conspiracy theory movement, he explained. It wouldn’t mean that someone necessarily believes in this ideology.

But, he noted, military personnel need to be aware of how the military behaves while on duty and what friends of soldiers say they are doing.

Colón-López said it was too early to say whether extremist organizations were more or less likely to recruit into the army. But, he said, the is made aware that these groups are actively recruiting the military, “and we have to make sure they stand out from them.”

“It’s not good for the department and it’s not good for the image of the army,” he said.

We are meant to be thankful that the Pentagram did not (allegedly) spy on our troops’ “online activities” while they are at home.

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How do ideological purges contribute to the image of the army?

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How does asking troops to deny what is in front of them contribute to the image of the army?

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