F ** k Biden flags trigger liberals across the country – Dateway

Two in Connecticut made national headlines after neighbors grew angry over the “F ** k Biden” flags hanging outside.

Under “F ** k Biden” the flags read: “And … you voted for him!”

The secular message is tame compared to the anti-Trump hate spewed 24/7 over the past four .

In fact, the song “F ** k ” topped the music charts on Election 2020.

And, who could forget this image of healing and unification.

Now in Plymouth, Connecticut are receiving complaints about the two flags and Mission Viejo, Calif., Will not allow citizens to show their vulgarity in public.

Plymouth Captain Edward Benecchi explained why his would not act, saying: “We cannot intercede as this would violate (residents’) right to of speech under the First Amendment. . “

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One proudly displaying the anti-Biden flag simply said, “I hate Biden. I think he’s an ignorant fool.

Regarding the neighborhood kids seeing vulgarity, he said, “It’s not something they haven’t seen or heard before.

“This is the best $ 9 price I have ever spent on Amazon,” he added, “because it’s (tick off) people and open your eyes.”

Joe Biden fans were offended by the flags in New Hyde Park in Long Island, New York, Bay County, Michigan and Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Infowars was once again ahead of the curve, selling “F ** k Biden” t-shirts in the style of a New York license plate.

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