“F ** k Sleepy Joe!” Rapper Lil Pump records VIDEO endorsing Trump and blasting Biden’s tax plan Dateway

Rapper Lil Pump backed up the “ Trump 2020 ” message in a moving, profanity-laden video, while apparently challenging Joe Biden’s plan to raise some of the tax rates if he were elected president.

The 20-year-old hip-hop star, who released his second studio album Harverd Dropout last year, got his approval in a short clip posted to social media.

“What I have to say is ‘Trump 2020’, damn it!” the artist said is an explosive tirade. He called Biden a “ Sleepy Joe ” – a nickname for the former vice president coined by Trump.

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“Damn, I look like I’m paying 33 more [percent] tax for Biden, “ Lil Pump said, apparently referring to Biden’s alleged campaign pledge to raise some of the tax rates.

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Lil Pump was less interested in the incumbent president in the past because he tweeted“F ** K DONALD TRUMP” in November 2016, when Trump won the election.

Rapper 50 Cent caused a stir last week when he tweeted about his annoyance with Biden’s alleged tax plan and wrote: “Vote for Trump.” Responding to criticism, he said “I don’t want to be 20” and that he has “Never liked” Asset.

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