“F ** k Them Up!” Black Lives Matter Riot, loot and ruin police with SUV in Philadelphia – Dateway

Black Lives Matter riots broke out in Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia late Monday night after a black man was shot and after charging police with a knife in an apparent “cop suicide.”

Democratic voters responded with riots, looting and police raids on the streets.

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Rioters were filmed looting bread stores to feed their families:

Rioters took control of the streets and threw objects at first responders.

A local reporter told the story of a BLM supporter who brought his 3-year-old son to the danger zone, made him look a white policeman in the eye, and told his child, “This is what it looks like. racism.”

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This is what law looks like and decades of brainwashing of racial !

Here is the video of the shoot:

You can see that the suspect was repeatedly ordered to drop the knife before charging the officers and being shot.

Passers-by then attacked police (who did nothing in response as they know they would be pilloried if they dared to respond) and officers were forced to retreat until the replacements arrived. .

Pennsylvania is perhaps the most important swing state in the 2020 . Trump held three rallies in Pennsylvania on Monday as Joe Biden was ashamed to leave his basement and visit a handful of supporters in the state .

Biden and Democrats have been stoking the flames of these riots since the death of George Floyd (of what was likely a fentanyl overdose) and Kamala Harris has urged his supporters to donate money to a rescue to help arrested rioters by the police.

It will be interesting to see if they side with the BLM crowd or speak out against their own constituents for participating in the riots tonight.

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