Facebook believes it can defeat government anti-trust actions – Dateway

Facebook is confident it can overcome anti-trust lawsuits filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States and 48 states, Vice President and General Counsel Jennifer Newstead said in a statement.

Earlier Wednesday, the FTC said it had sued Facebook for alleged anti-competitive practices and was seeking to demand the divestment of the company’s assets, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

Additionally, a coalition of 48 states has filed a similar anti-trust lawsuit against the social media giant.

“We look forward to our day in court, when we are confident the evidence will show that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go together, competing on substance with great products,” Newstead said Wednesday.

The company said the lawsuit against the FTC risked creating doubt in the federal government’s merger review process.

The FTC lawsuit also seeks to ban Facebook from imposing anti-competitive terms on software developers and requires Facebook to seek notice and approval for future mergers and acquisitions.

The lawsuits are aimed at ending Facebook’s virtual monopoly on social media following its takeover of dedicated image-sharing site Instagram in 2012 and mobile messaging app WhatsApp in 2014.

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