Fake CIA spy Garrison Courtney, who cheated government officials for profit, gets 7 years

Former Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman Garrison Courtney was sentenced to seven years in prison on Wednesday for a breathtaking scam that netted him millions of dollars – and could have earned him billions in federal contracts if it hadn’t been caught in time.

The sentence was longer than the 37 months requested by the defense, but less than the 11 to 14 years that prosecutors – who described Courtney as someone with “an extraordinary ability to deceive and manipulate others” – had requested.

Courtney’s attorney told The Daily Beast that her client was a “genuinely remorseful human being who took responsibility for his conduct.

“While there are many explanations for what Mr. Courtney did, he offered no apology,” attorney Stephen Sears said. “He has a long history of serving his country and I hope that upon his release from prison he will once again be a law-abiding member and contributing to society.

Courtney, 44, pleaded guilty last June to a single count of wire fraud, a charge that hardly describes the scale of her scam.

As The Daily Beast previously reported, his scam was so brazen and deceived so many senior U.S. government officials that it took investigators years to piece together what Courtney had done.

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