Fake News revealed! MSM and Twitter blue checks claim Trump trailer blocked New York freeway

Dozens of mainstream media and Twitter blue tick users have been promoting the false claim that a trailer of Trump supporters blocked New York’s Garden State Parkway on Sunday.

A title to The hill read: “Trump supporters block traffic on New York Bridge”, and another article from the New York Times asserted, “The president’s supporters are blocking traffic in New York and New Jersey.”

Without a hint of irony, the temperaturePaul Krugman wrote: “So far no weapons, but how long will it last?”

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called Trump supporters “a bunch of assholes.”

Proving the Liberal crowd dead wrong, footage shows police preventing the trailer from exiting the Garden State Parkway and, as a result, creating a traffic jam.

“Trump’s train is miles long and they won’t let us get off,” said one Trump supporter while filming the incident. “There are people who have to use the bathroom, there are people who have children and they won’t let us out of the exit.

Police confirmed that the Trump train spanned 5 miles.

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